Correspondence Management

“The system tracks and manage all incoming, outgoing and internal correspondences smartly”

The Digital Correspondence Management System (DCMS) will provide automation and easy management of administrative correspondences, for both internal and external correspondences. The system will primarily handle two types of correspondences:

  • Incoming Correspondences

  • Outgoing Correspondences

​Resemble Systems DCMS allows the routing of correspondence through a dynamic process while ensuring an enterprise grade search and reporting capabilities which give the organizations visibility and control on all their communication. Besides drafting, sending, and receiving correspondences, DCMS allows users to co-author, track, retrieve, escalate, assign, forward and assign role-based access to the content. The incoming correspondence can be captured from multiple channels like email, scanning stations and fax while outgoing correspondence can be drafted by user with the help of rich text editor that supports real-time collaboration. All the activities in the system are recorded in the audit trail for auditing and compliance purpose. Optionally customer can choose to have Digital Signature for their outbound correspondence by integrating with market leader DocuSign

Key Features & Benefits

  • The Benefits
  • The Solution
  • The Challenge
  • Eliminate manual and error prone paperwork and manage all your correspondence from Digital Workspace 
  • Low code e-Form and Workflow Designer enabling make changes to make changes to the processes
  • Digital capturing of correspondence from multiple channels like email, fax, scanners etc 
  • Built in escalation and reminders for workflow tasks 
  • Integration with industry leader DocuSign for Digital Signature
  • Ability to customize the templates for document generation based on business needs
  • Next generation user experience with React JS based front end which can be used on web and mobile devices.
  • Actionable insights from reports and dashboard helped improve process efficiency 
  • Highest level of security and compliance features
  • Digital Correspondence Management System that can manage both incoming and outgoing correspondence 
  • Ability to co-author with Realtime collaboration on the content drafted
  • Dynamic Workflow engine allowing the correspondence to be cleared, reviewed, and approved.
  • Automatic capture of incoming correspondence from email, fax, and scan stations. The captured document is classified and indexed with the help of OCR.  
  • Integrated Digital Signature to approve the correspondence with signature of the stakeholder 
  • Archive old correspondence based on business needs 
  • Decentralized repository for all correspondence 
  • Manual, error prone paperwork
  • Inability to locate content quickly
  • Difficult to collaborate and co-author content for outgoing correspondence      
  • Signature ceremony is manual and time consuming in case of absence of decision maker 

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