Cross Industry

Problem Statement

Manual contract management takes time to finish on time, paper based contract goes to multiple departments, and multiple team members needs to be able to update the contract. Difficult to track contract shared by email. No reminders for renewal of existing contract.


An inhouse designed Contract Management System developed by Resemble Systems, help create different types of “Services” contracts that goes through multiple workflow approval cycle, with collaborative co-authoring among multiple team members across departments.


  • Auto reminders for contracts that to be renewed prior to the expiry date.
  • Digital Signature with external vendors
  • Workflow approval process
  • Central repository for all the contracts
  • Collaborative Document Co-Authoring
  • Microsoft Word Online Integration
  • Analytical Dashboard to view the status of the Contracts
  • Lazy Approval
  • Word to PDF Conversion
  • Ability to standardize on contract types and governance standards


  • Faster contract preparation and finalization with 80% increase in efficiency
  • Control & Governance of the Contracts by Procurement Dept to reduce cost.
  • Maximize the investment on SharePoint and Nintex platform to lower TCO
  • All types of Contract are automated with 50% increase in productivity.
  • Customizable automated workflows expedite the review process and increase efficiency.
  • Increase Contract Visibility.
  • Ensure Contract Compliance.

Case Study: Contract Management System

Case Study: Contract Management System

Case Study: Contract Management System