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The result of employees, over 115 detailers and engineers, all coming together to solve problem before they arise. the teamwork it demonstrates both internally and externally is outstanding in the creation of landmark buildings. The legacy of the financial crisis has meant a few tricky years for many banks. Now, the triple pressures of more regulations.

Business Scenario

What was your customer doing before you started working with them?

  • Tadawul Corporate PMO was established in 2007 to be responsible for the standardization, monitoring and controlling, reporting, and project management training and awareness. The PMO sets in the corporate level and is responsible to monitor and control programs and projects in Tadawul and the subsidiaries. Also, the PMO is responsible to monitor the execution of the strategic initiatives as per the approved five years’ strategic plan. Classified as a controlling PMO that is not performing a directive role for projects execution, and project managers are residing in the divisions who are responsible for the implementation. 
  • Tadawul had implemented EPM system based on Project Server 2013 out of the box features but there were gaps in process automation, reporting and user experience.  

Illustrate for three to four sentences to explain some of their previous tactics, issues & business challenges.

  • Heavily relied on Microsoft Project Server 2013 and outdated InfoPath technology to automate PMO Process.
  • Though Tadawul had a mature Project Management Methodology and PMO officers, the old EPM deployment did not meet the team expectation.
  • PMO team was forced to use Word and Excel based template for Project documents like Project Charter, Change Request, Deliverable Acceptance, Benefit Register, and the approvals was mostly manual.
  • PMO team spend long time in creation of manual reports for steering committee and other stake holders and had to collate the data from various data source manually which was error prone.

Using their previous tactics/situation, what were their goals/objectives to improve & achieve? 

  • PMO is aiming to enhance the current EPM with the latest version in order to be able to support the organization strategy through creation of strategic initiatives in the system and link them to projects. As well as improving the system reporting by providing real-time reports and dashboards for different levels of stakeholders. Moreover, PMO needs to have flexible and fast approaches to support the business process automation with minimal coding, and enhancing the overall user experience by providing smart devices accessibility and interactive dashboards.
  • Customer wants to bring in accountability and transparency while managing portfolios. Client wants to know the budget spent for projects brings return. Client wants to ensure PMO team has bird eye view on the status of each project across the organization, detect deviation and to bring on track with right intervention at the right time.

Solutions Delivered

Explain the solution delivered to the customer. 

  • Designed and developed Kamvo Premium an end to end EPM solution with Microsoft Project Server as the platform, Nintex as the process automation engine and Power BI as the self-service Business intelligence tool.
  • Revamped Project Server OOB user interface to enhance user experience there by increasing adoption.
  • Advanced paginated reports and dashboards for visibility across portfolios, program, and projects.
  • Developed Performance Management Workflow allowing the strategy team to author Corporate performance KPIs, agree upon these with KPI Owners and collect actual data during evaluation cycle.

How did RS service or product help the customer to implement a better process? 

  • Automated 15+ process across project and program governance life cycle.
  • Automation of PMO Process helped quick turnaround thus saving time, effort, and money.
  • Introduced Nintex as a low code process automation platform that allows PMO team to modify and update the eforms and workflows without IT Support.
  • Self Service Power BI reports allowed the report users to customize the report with limited technical know-how.
  • Portfolio Management module allowed the steering committee to informed decision by selecting and prioritizing incoming business cases against organization strategy and business drivers.
  • Automated and scheduled paginated report for steering committee presentation across new and prioritized business cases, Portfolio, new change requests, Focus list of projects that need attention and major project closures.
  • Integrated Benefit Realization helped in capturing of KPI baseline values and evaluating the variation during the project execution and post completion of project.

Illustrate this in three to five sentences. 

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